As one of the most frequented rooms in a house, your kitchen deserves a durable yet attractive work surface. Let Minute Man Masonry help you select the perfect kitchen backsplash that will be both fashionable and practical. Add color and personality to your kitchen surfaces with glass tiling that is classy and easy to clean.

With many older houses in the area having field stone foundations, basement waterproofing is a necessity to preserve your house by making the basement area more comfortable and dry for storage. We brush and clean the surface, patch any deep or loose material with a reinforced mortar mix, then use a Portland cement-based coating to waterproof, protect, and decorate concrete and masonry. 

Work with Minute Man Masonry to design a shower layout that will fit your comforts and allow for full functionality. Choose bathroom tile and grout colors, and add decorative strips or tile mosaics. We can execute any kind of entryway you prefer: glass doorway, walk-in threshold, freestanding tub, and curbless showers!

Fully customize your shower space to your needs with recessed soap dishes at a practical height. Built in shower niches provide an attractive and functional storage space for your personal care products. Add shelves and stone benches that line up seamlessly with your tile pattern. 

Bring warmth to your home with a fireplace custom designed by Minute Man Masonry. We specialize in gas fireplace inserts surrounded by natural cut stone, large stone tiles, and stacked ledger stone. Highlight the central focal point of your living room with a custom mounted TV.

Make your swimming pool durable and beautiful with custom tile installation. Take advantage of our years worth of expertise tiling pools to make your backyard into your personal oasis! We take care with details and use the best materials available to make our work last.

We offer a variety of finished hardscaping options. Our technique, mix of mud, and set of detailed conditions, was passed down from my great grandfather in Italy. Longevity is our priority; an uneven foundation can lead to shifting or buckling over time. We take the time and care required to do the project right, which is why our work from years ago still looks as good as when we first built it.

Tile flooring is excellent for its durability and classic look. It is environmentally friendly, as well as resistant to wear, water, and stains. Whether you prefer porcelain, ceramic, or natural stone tile, Minute Man Masonry will execute your beautiful custom tile installation!